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Does your company submit a high volume of CMS 1500 claims forms to health insurance providers? If so, you know the burden associated with printing and mailing these claim forms. By outsourcing the processing of these claims to Kaleidoscope, you will benefit in the following ways:

  1. Eliminating the labor costs involved with printing, inserting, and mailing
  2. Eliminate the equipment costs involved with printing and inserting
  3. Reduce the postage associated with mailing these claims by paying a presorted comingled postage rate instead of metered postage rates
  4. Increase the speed with which these claims are processed and ultimately received by the insurance carriers, thereby increasing your cashflow
HCFA claims mail vendor

Outsourcing your CMS 1500 claims processing to Kaleidoscope is quick and easy!

  1. Simply print your CMS 1500 claims forms to a PDF printer instead of your physical printer
  2. Post the PDF(s) of your claims forms to our secure FTP server. If you wish to have multiple claims mailed together to the same insurance carrier, print the claims to PDF by insurance carrier so each PDF posted is carrier specific
  3. Let us do the rest
  4. You will receive a confirmation email from our system as soon as the job is completed and dropped at the post office

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