Kaleidoscope Services provides HIPAA compliant print and letter mailing services to companies nationwide.              
HIPAA compliant letter mail(EOB, Statements, Claims) for companies in the healthcare industry


Our staff is trained to safeguard sensitive medical data as defined by HIPAA, HITECH, and HITRUST guidelines. We obtained our HITRUST CSF Certification on October 24th, 2017, a significant milestone for our company. Kaleidoscope is one of the first companies in the print, mail, and fulfillment industry to earn this certification putting it in an elite group of organizations nationwide that have done so.

Examples of HIPAA-compliant healthcare documents produced at Kaleidoscope Services include:

  • Patient bills and statements
  • Explanation of Healthcare Coverage (EOC)
  • Patient letters and notices
  • Healthcare billing statements
  • Explanation of Healthcare Benefits (EOB)
  • Provider letters and notices


    In addition to generator backup in case of an outage, our facilities serve as mutual backup facilities located 70 miles apart. We take your data and document security very seriously. All data transmitted to and from our servers is kept secure via 256 bit SSL encryption. Once your data has been safely transmitted, it is protected on our internal network by layered network firewalls with state of the art intrusion prevention systems.


    Our Document Reliability System (DRS) provides 100% automated output verification which uses a camera system to read and report each document as it is processed for correct sequence assurance. It quickly identifies doubles, missing documents or insertion errors mid-stream without compromising the production process or audit trail. Mail does not leave our facility until all pieces are accounted for. Our 2D Bar Code system is a sophisticated method of data capture printed on every document. A scan of the small code pairs all documents and provides data for audit and tracking reports.


    Our facilities have multi-level security points, 24-hour closed circuit surveillance with card scanner access into sensitive areas. These areas are only accessible by authorized and security-cleared individuals.


    All job candidates (new hires) are prescreened using the following criteria
            (1) SSN verification and an address history look-up
            (2) seven-year national criminal database search
            (3) seven-year county courthouse search for felonies and misdemeanors (last three counties of residence)
            (4) national sex offender registry check

    Feel free to contact us for more information on our privacy and security policies.

    Maria Rivera | Compliance Manager
    727-945-0548 Ext. 32

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    HIPAA compliant print and letter mailing services

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